Booster + Line Driver & Distortion

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“From the early 1990s with a unique sound and are considered to be one of the best distortion/overdrive pedals ever made — very collectible.”

“The original wonder box. Noise gate, clean boost, warm overdrive to heavy distortion and a super clean (or effected) d.i. with an XLR output to the soundboard and a 1/4″ output to your amp — all in one pedal! Long run to the on-stage splitter? No problem. Use the line driver to increase the level to compensate. A truly marvelous device for electric bass, acoustic bass/acoustic guitar pickups and everyone’s favorite last color for electric guitar.”

“Legendary pedal from the 80s. What Anthrax and Slayer used with their Marshall JCM800 heads. Considered as the best pedal that combines Boost and Distortion that has ever been made. Includes built-in noise gate and line output via XLR, so it works as Direct Box to connect directly to the mixer.”

“Please note that this pedal, to conserve battery-life, turns its light off after 15 seconds. I’ve owned five throughout the last 25 years and they’ve all done the same.”

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