Blender (Three Knob/Joe Jarmillio Prototype)

Effect Information

“This is the prototype Fender Blender created by Joe (Jose) Jarmillio in contract with Fender in
partnership with Randel. Hence the J & R in the upper left hand
corner of the circut board in photo (see the Disqus section). I bought it from Joe when he
had his shop in Santa Anna, California, I believe in 1971.”

“There is no serial # as it was his R and D unit. The center pot is a four point switch
position pre-amp and three fuzz settings giving you thin to thick fuzz. The block print is faded because of my trying to clean the unit
which now I recall that Joe used some funky printing apparatus at the
time which was not intended for commercial sales.”

“I hooked it up the other night and
cleaned the pots which really needed it, and it plays as good as
ever. Wild fuzz and/or ultra clean, especially nice going into other
units i.e. — Rat etc. It’s one of a kind. Players beware — this will take your hearing out — only because it becomes addicting to
push the frequencies to that special level if you know what I mean.”

I hope this story is true because I now own this. Check out the photos in the discuss section.

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