Blender (1969)

Effect Information

“Direct from the 60s with ‘tropical fish’ capacitors. The original was made between 1968-1974. Screaming and piercing fuzz tones to musical and violin-like overdrive — this pedal is truly unique.”

The four-knob Fender Blender pedal features:

  • Volume control
  • Sustain control: prolongs notes played through the effect by increasing the output boost as the input signal fades;
  • Tone control: shifts the tone balance from low to high frequencies;
  • Blend control: controls the output ratio of unprocessed signal mixed with Fender Blender processed signal;
  • On/Off foot switch: switches the unit on-off;
  • Tone boost foot switch: enhances the equalization of the Tone control;
  • A 1/4″ guitar input and a 1/4″ amp output.

“This unit runs on a 9volt battery and cannot be powered by an adapter.”

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