Big Muff Deluxe w/Howard Davis Mods

Effect Information

From the online listing:

“Vintage late
70s Deluxe Big Muff Pi Distortion/Compressor pedal. Unit has been
modded by the legendary design engineer Howard Davis of EHX. Sounds
killer, with tons of adjustments by tweaking the knobs.”

The Davis mods:

Total bypass MOD

  • The Deluxe Big Muff has a fairly low input impedance, and this can
    significantly affect tone in the bypass mode. This total bypass mod
    entirely removes input loading from the circuit in bypass. This mod
    requires a 3PDT switch, as this unit has two outputs as well as an
    input, and all must be switched.

Input impedance increase MOD

  • This greatly reduces pickup loading and improves tone in bypass. It
    is almost as effective as total bypassing, and is less costly as the
    expensive 3PDT switch is not required.

Tone control MODS

  • The response characteristics of the TONE control can be changed to
    suit your taste. Heavier bass, more biting highs, “scooped” midrange —
    you can get whatever you want.

Noise reduction MOD

Some older models of this pedal have an audible background hum. This mod completely eliminates it.

This one by the way has the apparently more desirable “blend” switch.

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