Big Battery Wee Beaver w/Original Packaging (Perhaps from 2012?)

Effect Information

Here is what El Musico
Loco, the makers of the Big Battery Wee Beaver, say about this.
inside is a highly modified fuzz circuit that is full-on all the time
with a Big Muff style tone section. The idea to mash a BMP tone stack
into a mini Fuzz brought to my attention a modified fuzz face design
developed for Sérgio Dias Baptista, the guitar player in the Brazilian band Os
by a guy named Claudio Baptista. So I set about changing the
original Mutantes circuit into a one knob fuzz and adding a tone
circuit. When I had it on the breadboard my eye fell upon a old
potentiometer that I had soldered a funny RC circuit on and popped it in
for the fun of it and WOW! You can power it with -12vDC for an even
hairier Beaver.”

has a Volume and a Contour control for tone shaping. Negative pin for
-12vDC. Input, output. Pretty straight up fuzz, not a lot of bells and
whistles. I tested this out through two different rigs of mine. I think
this is one of those fuzzes that sounds great with a battery but sounds
like ‘meh’ with a 12 volt adapter. But that’s my opinion. Like pretty much
all fuzzes, depending on your rig and setup, it can get a little noisy.”

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