BFD (Tremolo)

Effect Information

“BFD stands for Blackface Deluxe, as in
Fender’s Blackface Deluxe Reverb
, a classic amp that offers some of the
most “tube-o-licious” trem ever. The BFD aims to recreate the buttery
pulse of that classic amp trem, and, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if it doesn’t do it. The BFD is as
bare bones as it gets — no AC power adapter jack, no status LED and no true-bypass.”

“The effect reacts to your
playing dynamics with an almost compressed bloom. If you really lay into
your guitar, the effect almost squashes out, only to reappear with a
milky resonance. There isn’t a pronounced boost when you kick on the
BFD, but there is no volume loss, either.”

“Kicking it on in a full band
setting was never a problem, as it came through loud and clear whether I
was going for extreme pulsing or a slow n’ soulful Pop Staples-style
shake. Sure, a lot of trem snobs will probably dismiss the BFD for what
it doesn’t have, but for those looking for the warm, organic magic of
tube tremolo, the BFD is a big deal indeed.”

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