BC-9 (Bi-Mode Chorus)

Effect Information

“Made in Japan and manufactured by Maxon. This is the Ibanez BC9 Bi-Mode Chorus with the excellent Panasonic BBD MN3102 and MN3207 chips which are no longer produced. This model has never been re-issued. The BC9 has become a rare and sought-after
device because it has two oscillators which can create an infinity of
settings. It has two outputs, two speed adjustments and two width
adjustments. The pedal switch turns the circuitry on and off.”

“Cool vintage pedal that’s basically two choruses in box. Separate rate and
depth controls for each chorus can easily pull off Leslie/rotary-type sound
with one fast chorus and one slow. Extremely organic, lush and
shimmering sounding pedal.”

There is a “10-Series” version of this effect here.

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