BC-01 (Bi-Mode Chorus)

Effect Information

“Rare. Hard to find. From Maxon’s “Zero-One” series circa mid to late 80s. Japanese market only. Made in Japan. It uses a Panasonic MN3207 BBD chip. Two choruses in one — plus separate speed and depth controls for each equal all sorts of modulation possibilities. Shimmering asynchronous sweeps not possible with standard choruses.”

“As with most Ibanez Zero One pedals, the BC-01 is a slightly louder version of the earlier 9 series BC-9 (Bi Mode Chorus). I own both pedals, and the BC-01 seems less mechanical feeling at higher speed than the BC-9 does. Whatever the case, the Maxon designed Bi Mode Chorus is one of their most underappreciated pedals. When used in stereo’ configuration, the soundscape of the two separate speeds is stunning. This chorus circuit also loves to be hit with distorted guitar tones.”

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