Bad Stone (V2)

Effect Information

“The Bad Stone has a much greater range than the Small Stone. It can sweep much slower and when the rate is maxed it travels so fast that it’s almost like a ring modulation. You can also switch it to manual mode and sweep it by hand, or leave it in one sweet spot for a — sort of ‘frozen flange’ thing.”

“As if that weren’t enough, there is a ‘feedback’ knob which is basically like a wet/dry control that allows you to hear as much or as little of your original ‘clean’ signal as you like.  This is super-useful for those of us who get bummed out when other phasers get too cloudy at the low end of the sweep, and lose the clarity of the notes you’re playing.”

“The Bad Stone is one of the rarer EH pedals. They were made in small numbers from 1976-81 and were the first phasers to include feedback in the circuitry. A very classy-sounding 6-stage analogue phaser, as you’d expect from a vintage EH pedal. The manual setting allows you to dial in the exact phase shift rather than using the lfo for modulation. This also allows you to control the sweep manually. Great with a Hot Foot or similar pedal. All-told this is a very versatile and great-sounding phaser. Sounds great on a whole range of sources: guitars, synths, Rhodes, Wurli, etc; it really breathes analogue life into digital synths and samples.”

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