Axis Fuzz

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“This is the first
fuzz made by Electro Harmonix — so before the Big Muff was the Axis, in the spirit of the Big Muff but
more raw … It sounds exactly like the first STOOGES album, it’s really that sound. The Axis Fuzz is one of the rarest Electro Harmonix pedals. Check the Kitrae website for more information (it’s THE reference for Big Muffs).”

“The EH made Axis/Foxey Lady pedals are very rare as I have been
told under 3000 of both versions were made, with the Axis being the
rarer of the two. They shipped in a white corrugated cardboard box. Perhaps less than 1000 Axis Fuzz effects were
made by the end of the 60s (the Axis version was discontinued in 1969).”

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