Axe Juice Overdrive w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“A rare and [perhaps] out-of-production, handmade in England, versatile overdrive pedal
and tone shaper. It incorporates a three-band EQ with
a second footswitch to allow for shifts in mid-frequency. The ‘Mid’
control effects low to high-mids and LEDs at the
top of the pedal show what position is selected.”

“In addition, there is a ‘Mid Span’ button which shifts the frequency and narrows the mid-EQ band. This makes it easy to dial in a focused lead
sound that can cut through a mix or a provide for a scooped, chunky rhythm tone.”

“Lastly, there is a ‘Tone’ switch which is a ‘Pre-EQ’ that adds treble and some extra edge to the overall
sound. The range of gain is huge — from a very clean sound to over-the-top high gain overdrive. More than you’ll ever need. On the right side of the pedal you will find the power input jack, a
DC (standard 9V/center negative) and easy access battery drawer.”

“On the left hand there are three outputs. One is an active splitter so there is no
signal/tone loss. The ‘Line’ output is your
direct sound. The two ‘Overdrive’ outputs are overdrive when the swicth is turned on and clean when the effect is
bypassed. If you record and/or use a multi-amp set up, then you will
surely appreciate this added feature.”

A Marshall Guv’nor clone w/added features? Additional photo here.

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