ax:9 (Analog Delay) w/Original Box

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“Sounds very natural, not a pristine sound like my Boss DD-3 — still gives a nice tone that isn’t distorted. The longest delay possible is quite short compared to modern digital delays so it is limited to certain styles/songs. However, it is perfect for simple subtle echo and slapback stuff.”

“I wouldn’t use it to replace my DD-3 (fantastic pedal in my opinion) but will certainly use it alongside the Boss. In fact, I have used the two simultaneously and can get some amazing sounds. If you have two delays try it. Set the first with short delay + a little feedback and the second with a longer delay + more feedback. It sound great.”

“Sounds nice and warm, organic. A real bargain when compared to the unbelievably high prices paid for vintage analog delays. I use Strats and Teles through class A amps. You have to go light on the “Mix” knob to get good delay sounds (no more than half way for me). Like any analog delay, you don’t get lengthy delays and it works well with all of my other effects.”

“Wonderful analog delay … warm and transparent. Every bit as good as the overpriced vintage Ibanez AD-9 and Boss DM-2. The unit is dead quiet too. Delay time max is 300 ms (like the AD-9).”

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