Auto Pan

Effect Information

“This pedal connects to two channels or two amplifiers and pans the
input signal between the two. This can be used on a live P.A.
system panning from right to left for a great vocal or instrumental
effect. Plug it into one amp and get a neat tremolo sound.”

“This pedal
is the same as the PCM Auto Pan and it has been compared to the Ibanez
“Flying Pan” and [may have] the same panning circuitry.”

“There are so
many things that you can do with this pedal. With two amps and other effects you can have one side of the pan go through [as an example] an anolog delay into one amp and the other side of the pan through a phase on to a second amp to
create a whole different effect. It makes a cool vocal track
when one track is the melody and the second track is a harmony.”

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