Attack Equalizer w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“This is a very underrated pedal and one of the cheapest
vintage Electro-Harmonix pedals you can find. Shouldn’t be much more than $100. It’s a
great value just for the bass emulation. The effect can really change your attack characteristics
and tone to exactly how you like it, too bad it just doesn’t work with distortion.”

“Another band of EQ would be nice too, but I’m not
complaining. Great for songwriting if you need bass parts to a song but don’t have a bass. If you see one around, you should pick it up. I
still need to try the bass emulation on an actual bass. Remember this isn’t a pedal to use on every song, and some people may
not like the tones it has, but for me it’s a great pedal.”

“I use this writing bass parts, because it can duplicate the tone
of a bass guitar perfectly. I do not mean it does an octave down,
because it doesn’t — what I mean is that it gives that really low bassy
tone. It sounds like a bass being played an octave higher.”

“Turning down
the fundamental and turning up the attack all the way makes it sound
like you’re playing through a really cheap AM radio, a very thin sound.
The pedal is also great if you need to add just a little more treble or
bass to your guitar tone. If you are using distortion it can overload the effect and it doesn’t sound right on most settings.”

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