Arbiter Fuzz Face Clone

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What the builder had to say:

“Here is a
clone of the classic Arbiter Fuzz Face guitar pedal. The pedals I make
use quality parts like Switchcraft jacks and Alpha pots. I hand wire
these pedals and make my own peg boards on thick, real fiberglass sheets.
I hand selected pairs of vintage Germanium AC128 transistors using my
Sencore tester so that the Fuzz Face sounds as it should. “

“These pedals are true bypass. Meaning that when you deselect the fuzz effect,
the entire Fuzz Face circuit is switched off and the input and output
jacks are direct connected.”

“When the fuzz is off, nothing is in the
circuit, from input to output, to change the tone of your clean guitar
sound. The indicator light, which is on the top right corner of the
pedal, only lights when the fuzz effect is on. When the pedal switch is
depressed to deselect fuzz, the indicator lamp goes out. Power is from a
9 volt battery and is on when ever you plug a standard guitar cable
into the “In” jack.”

“To disconnect the power, remove any chord plugged
into the “In” jack and the unit stays totally disconnected from its
battery no matter what position the foot switch happens to be in. This
preserves the life of the 9 volt battery when the effect is not in use. I
use these pedals myself as do several of my friends.’

‘The tone of
original Germanium transistors, properly matched for this application,
just can’t be duplicated with silicon. If you want that classic, true
Fuzz Face sound this pedal will deliver. If you treat
it with the same reverence you would your amp or guitar, it should last a
couple life times.”

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