Amplifier Psychedelic Machine (V1 Perhaps)

Effect Information

“It’s called an ‘amplifier’ but it’s not an amplifier — it requires you to run it through an amplifier. This unit has a Fuzz effect and a Mood effect. The Fuzz is a distortion effect and the Mood is a tremolo/vibrato. Both effects can be adjusted in various ways, and the strength of each effect can be increased or decreased. You can use each effect independently or mixed together.”

Shin-ei Companion Amplifier Psychedelic Machine was designed
in 1968 and made in Japan. It has two main sections, Mood and Fuzz. The Mood section delivers lush
rotary, tremolo and vibrato sounds. The Fuzz section delivers extreme overdrive
tones from the 60s and 70s. You can switch them in and out individually or

“Both sections have volume
controls and can be cancelled with simple latch-type foot switches.
It has a fantastic rotary/chorus sound on the Duet setting which I have never
really got from any other effects — sounds unbelievable through a Fender tube amp.”

information on this effect can be found here.

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