All American & Brian May In-A-Box (Treble Boost)

Effect Information

“A a JHS Pedals Custom Shop 2-in-1
All-American and Brian May Germanium Treble Booster. This pedal is quite
unique for a number of reasons, and has a bunch of great tones in it!
The All-American is one of the most versatile drive circuits ever,
ranging from slight overdrive to distortion to a silicon fuzz sound.”

two tone controls and a three-way clipping switch give you the ability to
get just the right amount of “sizzle” without becoming harsh or
ice-picky. The Brian May side is a germanium treble boost and overdrive.
There are controls for volume, bias, and clipping (it seems to me to
act as a type of high-cut switch).”

two circuits are independently switched on or off using true bypass,
but only use one 9v plug, which is great for simplicity’s sake. The
finish is a red sparkle, and the LEDs are very bright white.”

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