AG-5 (Funny Cat)

Effect Information

“Rare effects pedal from (most likely the mid to late) 70s. It is hard
to describe the sound the AG-5 Harmonic Mover makes — kind of a strange — eerie sound. The SDS section makes for a soft distortion. It is very similar to the infamous
harmonic pedal that is a sustain/distortion/filter effect which was made
famous by Steve Albini. This effect really is in a category of its own
and must be heard. It is a true filter with several different settings.”

effects pedal is a combined envelope filter with a distortion.
The “Harmonic Mover” has a three-position mode selector and a level control for
envelope filter effects. The “Soft Distortion Sustainer” has an
output volume control only. When both functions are on, this effects
pedal produces a very unique and crazy sound — kind of sounds like a “Funny Cat.”

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