AD-80 (Analog Delay) (Reissue) w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“Maxon no longer makes the AD-80 pedals due to the fact the analog delay
chip they used is no longer made. Any one who has played one of these
knows they sound exactly like a original Way Huge Aqua Puss and the classic
Boss DM-2 becasue they use the same analog chip inside.”

“The AD-80 has the warmest,
roundest, most organic-sounding delay available, bar none. 10-300 milliseconds
of variable delay time and adjustable repeats allow for a limitless array
of time-delay effects, from slap-a-billy reverb to erratic runaway echoes.
The AD-80 is custom-calibrated to provide self-oscillation at higher feedback
settings. Dry and effect outputs offer a variety of signal-routing configurations.”

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