AD-33 (Analog Delay) w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“The Pearl AD-33 Analog Delay creates a wide range of effects such as
echo, reverberation, spaciousness of sound and voice doubling. It has a
wide dynamic range and creates a clear sound through two sets
of delay time and feedback controls. The AD-33 works twice as hard as
other delays.”

“Warm, dark delay works well with distorted or
clean guitar. Operates on two 9v batteries like the Ibanez for high
headroom and low noise. Pedal has two switchable sets of controls for
feedback and delay time, allowing you to set one channel for slap back
delay and the other for the heart of the sun. Echos are clearer than a
Boss DM-3, though not as bright as, say, a Deluxe Memory Man.”

“There is
an input level control and an output level. On the back there is an
input jack, one delay output, one dry output and a footswitch jack for
switching delay times remotely.  Delay time goes from 20 ms to 350ms,
and will self oscillate if you are that kind of guy. The original sticker on the box prices
this pedal at $334, and this was pretty much state of the art in 1983.”

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