AD-10 (Analog Delay) w/Original Box

Effect Information

“Somewhat rare early to mid-80s Aria Dual Delay with two separate delay time processors as well as a switch for single or dual stage output. With the dual switch on — step on the foot switch once for first setting (for example — delay time = slap back — approx 80 to 110ms). Step on and hold down the foot switch while playing and second stage will kick in (for example — second delay time around 280 – 300ms which great for leads).”

“The second stage stays on until you let off the pedal and the pedal instantly kicks back to your first setting (in my example — slap back delay). Press pedal again and the effect is bypassed. It’s typical effect on, effect off, unless you push and hold down the switch while in the on position.”

“A two stage effect — meaning you can set two different delay times (repeat rate) and engage one or the other delay time. Pressing the pedal once activates the first delay. Next — hold down the pedal and the second delay is engaged until you take your foot off. For example, I
had the first delay set to slap back and second set to near maximum delay time.”

“When I held my foot down on the pedal the slap back stopped and the longer delay time engaged. I then took my foot off and it returned to slap back. A very unique analog delay with a maximum delay time that is similar to a Boss DM-2.”

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