A-D3 (Stack In A Box)

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“In 2003, Art Thompson of Guitar Player magazine, released an article titled ‘Forgotten Distortion Delights.’ It featured pedals by Electra, Ibanez and Washburn. When Washburn released the AD-3, it was a quantum leap forward in distortion. In fact, they utilized two of the JRC4558 op amps for more stacked tonal pleasure [I have seen them sell advertising two TL4558P Op-Amp chips as well. Two versions? I don’t know]. Sure it was Pepto Bismol pink with its knobs and graphics but it was also the 80s. It certainly lived up to its name and sounded like a wall of sound through a full-Marshall with its tube-like clarity and grind. Washburn went back to what it did best which was affordable acoustic guitars and the rest is history. If you can find one, they are a great value.”

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