8 Bit Fuzz Distortion/Octave Sequencer

Effect Information

What the builder, seller had to say:

“This is a one-of-a-kind — custom made, hand painted fuzz/octave sequencer
pedal. It has two modes: Mode one is an over-the-top fuzz/octave
that produces gated, buzz saw fuzz/overdrive with a synthy square wave eight-bit sound.”

“In mode two, all the same attributes (as mode one) and a
sequence begins. A binary counter shifts the bandwidth into seven
distinct tones. The sequence speed is adjustable from really slow to so
fast that it sounds like a Ring Mod is added when the rate is all the
way up.”

“This fun little unit runs only on a 9V power adapter. Sorry no
battery snap — not enough space. The paint job was done by an incredible artist in high
quality enamel and then clear coated with a light laquer so it’s rad
and ready for rugged giggin’.”

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