680 (Analog Delay) (V2) w/Block Logo

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“It has two separate outputs (local and remote) with completely separate mix knobs. You can dial in one amp 100% dry, the other 100% wet, one 75% wet, the other 75%  dry and so on. This version contains the Reticon SAD 4096 and the maximum delay time is 550ms.”

“The four control knobs perform as follows: Delay Time, Repeat, Local Mix, and Remote Mix. It has one 1/4” connection for input, one for ‘local’ output and one for ‘remote’ output. So you can go from the effect out into one amp by using just the ‘local’ output. Or by using both ‘local’ and ‘remote’ go out of the effect into two amplifiers or an amp and a mixing board. The level of the ‘local’ and ‘remote’ outputs can be controlled independently.”

“On the pedal face is a red rocker on/off switch, a little red light that indicates when the effect is activated, and of course, the foot switch. The pedal has an attached grounded power cord.”

“The DOD Analog Delay 680 has the beautiful lush delays one expects from a vintage analog pedal. And where some analog effects produced in early days have a tendency to be noisy, the DOD is surprisingly quiet. It takes up about the same amount of pedal board real estate as a Deluxe Memory Man.”

“Still a good value in today’s sometimes overpriced vintage market, this delay won’t disappoint.”

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