585 (Delay)

Effect Information

“Simple to use, with controls for mix, repeat and delay time. It can be used as a normal delay pedal for a nice warm, very transparent (surprising for an older pedal) note delay. Another cool thing though, is that you can use this pedal as a noise generator.”

“Crank up the repeat and the volume swells upward to create a massive, awesome noisy wall of sound. You know you’ve seen a band end a set like this — now you can do it with one pedal. It runs on two 9 volt batteries or the DOD Model 500 AC adapter.”

“The DOD Performer 585 analog delay/tape echo simulator is the original
first version made in the USA in 1981. It contains the coveted MN3005
bucket brigade delay chip
and has two internal trim pots that can be
tweaked to help the pedal
self-oscillate if you are into that.”

“Pedal is from approx. 1981 and uses the very rare and famous MN3005 chip
for delay and sounds great. Pedal is powered
by either a 9v or 18v power supply. This pedal is in the same vein as the Boss
DM-2, Ibanez AD-80, and early 80s Maxon delays. Incredible for slap
back and up to about 300ms of delay signal. Feedback is a lot of fun
for oscillations.”

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