585-A (Delay) w/Original Power Adapter

Effect Information

“This one has the 18V (2X9V) or 1/4″ TS DOD power supply. All metal housing so it seems indestructible — though I hear the switch
can develop issues. Warm old
school analog with slight characteristic and expected loss of high end
on repeats — similar to all vintage analog non-tape gear.”

“From subtle warm background echo to full-on space alien-landing feedback-controlled delay. Never loses analog character,
and this particular box isn’t noisy.”

“I’m a bit of a delay
guy, my favorite being the MEMORY LANE 2. In terms of models that
aren’t super expensive and use the same BBD chips — this one takes the
cake. It is by far the best three knob delay out there. Most analog three knobs function at 9V whereas the chip doesn’t really shine
until around 12V. This one is of course 18V.”

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