301 Guitar Amp

Effect Information

Information seems pretty scarce on this one. This amp may have come bundled
with a guitar package out of a Sear’s catalog or similar store in the late
60s or perhaps early 70s.

I just love these cheesy old Japanese made amps (Univox too). I bet you would be surprised at the number of “killer” old 60s blues cuts that were recorded using amps such as this (Maxwell Street, Chicago as an example).

Here are specs. taken from the photograph in this listing and thanks to a Guitars 101 forum for the information presented here. Be advised the Guitars 101 site looks pretty cool, has good info and forums but you must register for access and has noisy non-music related ads.

  • 20-30 watts (not sure)
  • 2 x 8″ speakers
  • One power tube + two pre.
  • Size is approx knee-high

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