280 Compressor v1

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“Modern compressors got you down? Need some sparkly, squishy, responsive tone? Need to smack the daylights out of your amp? You’ve got a great candidate right here.”

“One of the sweetest optical compressors ever made. The DOD 280 is from the same era as the coveted 250 Overdrive Preamp and was produced at the same level of quality. Whether you’re looking for extra sustain while soloing, or if you just want a more distinguished sound to cut through the mix, this box delivers.”

“Very tight, crisp compression, just what any single coil player needs to clean up their tone. The bridge pickup screams with this thing on. Runs on 9v battery.”

More information on this version as well as a later version can be found at “compressor reviews.”

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Date Range (03/19/2022 - 08/22/2023)

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