1966 – SFT353 & SFT317 (Tone Bender Replica) w/Original Packaging & MODS

Effect Information

“A custom one of a kind fuzz with SFT353 and SFT317 new old stock transistors (NOS). The 1966 (Tone Bender Replica) is one of the most authentic vintage sounding fuzz pedals made by Dave Main of D*A*M. The 1966 is a two transistor fuzz and the sound of the MKI — a little less compressed than the MKII though it can get a lot of sustain with the attack set all the way up. The sound of this pedal is alive, organic and amazingly dynamic with incredible response to pick attack. Roll back the volume on your guitar and get incredible full on fuzz to various shades of overdrive to full clean up with a slight bit of “hair” on the upper treble … kind of like a vintage treble booster.”

“The two SFT353s and 317 are NOS germanium transistors and are extremely quiet even when maxed out. They are well matched and you can coax some truly vintage tones. Think of Steve Miller’s “Living in the USA” or the tone of the fuzz in the song “Sprint in the Sky“… that’s the sound of this pedal.”

“There are a few things that make this one custom: the two vintage “bug eye” knobs which are from the early 1970s and the tiny “ON/OFF” toggle switch that was professionally installed so the pedal can be kept plugged in but turned off to save batteries.”

There was no information in this listing to indicate who had done the MODS.

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