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Maestro OB-2 (Octave Box)

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"If you're not familiar with what it does, it inserts another note one octave lower than what you are playing. You can add the lower octave at any level, OCTAVE VOL., or completely shut off the INSTRUMENT VOL. and it will sound a lot like a bass guitar."

"Most of the time it will be played with the OCTAVE and INSTRUMENT volumes balanced at the desired levels. You need to stay on higher strings or you will be pushing some really low frequencies through your speakers that could result in damage."

"I purchased this octave box from a violin player who was using it with an electric violin in an upstate New York regional rock band in the early 70s. He said it was a little too touchy for violin solos. It can be used for some really nice breaks. A great tool for inspiring creativity."

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