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Maestro > FSH-1 (Filter Sample/Hold)

Maestro FSH-1 (Filter Sample/Hold)

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"The early to mid-70s Maestro Sample/Hold may have been designed by Tom Oberheim and is one of their more interesting effects from this era. The sample/hold settings allow players to add rhythmic patterns to their playing far beyond the typical vibrato and tremolo. The filter is classic low pass and sounds incredibly smooth. Controls allow you to tweak the rate of the sample/hold as well as the frequency of the filter. This is truly a fantastic pedal."

The controls

  • Filter Range: Probably the width of range in which the filter moves. Could also be a fixed width with knob controlling the center frequency (high/low) of that range.
  • Filter/Sample/Hold: Switches the effect to envelope filter or sample/hold.
  • S/H Speed: Controls the speed of the sample/hold effect.

"The controls consist of knobs for range (depth) and sample/hold speed. A switch that engages either the sample/hold random filter effect or an envelope follower for a unique auto wah sound. Frank Zappa apparently used one on Ship Ahoy and Black Napkins. It is similar to the Oberheim Voltage Controlled Filter.

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