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Hollys Guitars > Custom 1967 VOX Wah (Clone)

Hollys Guitars Custom 1967 VOX Wah (Clone)

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What the builder had to say:

"A custom handmade 1967 VOX Wah clone by hollysguitars. I call this "The Talking Wah." It's the pedal with a personality. This wah has a unique hand wound inductor for a different flavor. A handmade psychedelic PCB modeled after the original 67. Tooling marks in the VOX enclosure, again just like the original 67. Vintage yellow clutch and grounding lug. Slotted screws with tapered feet and no logo on the front. 100% high quality parts from Allen Bradley resistors to Mullard tropical fish capacitors. Switchcraft jacks and a Carling true bypass switch as well as other great details that you will only find on my pedals. Although this was based on a 1967 wah it has a dash of modern mods."

Contact the builder via Facebook as it looks like he is associated with the Bob Holly Band.

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