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Fulltone > 69 Fuzz (1999) w/Serial Number Below 1,000

Fulltone 69 Fuzz (1999) w/Serial Number Below 1,000

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"From 1999 and signed by Mr. Fuller himself this pedal's serial number is below the magic number of 1000 for collectible desirability purposes. This hand-made stomp-box has been discontinued and is a sought after collectible just a few years after production has ceased."

"The effect captures the fat distortion tones of Jimi Hendrix circa 1969 during the pinnacle of his career and the psychedelic, fuzz-rock era. Just take a look at what these are going for right now during a bad economy and imagine what they'll be worth in 5-10 years. Not to mention the enjoyment you'll get from attempting to imitate your guitar hero idols of the late 60s and 70s."
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