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Death by Audio > Fuzz War Two Knob (V1 Perhaps)

Death by Audio Fuzz War Two Knob (V1 Perhaps)

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High: $150.00 15
Average: $119.02 6.38
Low: $68.66 1


"A very versatile pedal even though it has only two knobs. With your playing dynamics and guitar's volume knob you can get subtle overdrive and break up to super massive fuzz.  The knob on the right sweeps through a wide frequency range (like a complex tone dial) and goes from deep and huge low-end fuzziness to more cut-throat stuff."

"All of the tones are cool and usable. Calling the pedal Fuzz War suggests it's only good for killing people, but it is truly a versatile fuzz. The trim pot inside allows you to reduce the fuzz to more of an overdrive (less sustain and massiveness than in the fuzz range)."

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