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I began entering the data presented here in 2005 and update when time permits. I do my best to enter daily but I am a working stiff -- so survival comes first. The data entry is completely manual, no data scrubbing. The data presented should be viewed as a rough sketch of device past ebay sale values. I have found it to be very helpful when I buy and sell.

The system is serving up high, low and average prices to show how popular an effect is based on the average number of bids received. Again, I am NOT tracking every effect sale on ebay. My intent is to provide interesting and perhaps useful information to viewers who are shopping for a new sound. Please consider commenting in Disqus on a particular effect that interests you. The more accurate information, the better.

With regard to the descriptions on my site. I am not a technical expert, not a builder, not a professional musician. I have great interest in music of all kinds and love effects. If I see an ebay description that I find interesting I will cut and paste it into my DB. When time permit I go back and edit the copy for grammar and punctuation. The descriptions on my site might be dead on or need a little help from those of you with more technical expertise. Consider commenting in Disqus or on The EffectsFreak Facebook Page if you have helpful information to share.

I do play some pretty mean acoustic Blues and harmonica, my own brand of Psychedelic Rock as well. I hope to begin recording some of the many effects that I have acquired over the years in order to post sound clips/videos somewhere. Thanks for your interest in my site. Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Best regards,