Greetings and welcome to my site,

I began entering past online sales data in 2008 and do my best to enter new information daily. My data entry is completely manual, no data scrapping and the data presented should be viewed as a rough sketch of what gear can sell for online. I track gear that I find interesting and have found the past sales data to be very helpful when buying and selling.

Regarding the descriptions on my site

I am not a technical expert, not a builder, not a professional musician. I have great interest in music of all kinds and love effects/gear. When I see an online (past) sales description that I find interesting I will cut and paste it into respective content areas. When time permits, I go back and edit the copy for grammar and punctuation.

The descriptions might be accurate or need a little help from those of you with more technical expertise. Consider commenting on the site or on Facebook if you have helpful information to share.

I do play some pretty mean acoustic Blues and harmonica and my own brand of Psychedelic Rock in addition to tracking gear. Thanks for your interest in my site and please follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Lastly, I would like to thank Dan, a WordPress guru and Jim, programmer extraordinaire, for the new site update as well as maintenance and upkeep on the old site over these many years. The old Effectsfreak site is archived and visible as a link at the bottom of each page and contains sales data back to 2008.

Best regards and happy gear hunting,