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Tokai > TCO-1 (Compressor) (V2 w/Silver Case)

Tokai TCO-1 (Compressor) (V2 w/Silver Case)

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Low: $45.00 1


"It's too bad Tokia doesn't make these pedals any more, they're really that good. Downside on this effect is that the circuit board really needs to be secured. Don't get me wrong it's not bouncing all over the place inside the housing."

"This is a great compressor for the money. It sustains the note beautifully. It can be used to boost the sound for solos too. Compressors are often a guitarists best kept secret as they say, I would say this compressor is the best kept secret of all."

This Compressor unit has three self explanitory knobs:
  • Level (volume increases when turned CW)
  • Sustain (sound duration increases when turned CW)
  • Attack (compression increases when turned CW)
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