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Systech > Overdrive (Silver Case) w/Original Packaging

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"Very cool distortion pedal. More of a distortion than an overdrive to be sure. The EQ knob is very aggressive with a tight Q. It is similar to having a wah pedal integrated into the effect. If you're looking to cop Frank Zappa's tone, this is the pedal. Frank Zappa used one of these from the mid-70s until his untimely death."

"The name is misleading as it is not an overdrive pedal -- it is a fuzz with a "wah" filter built in. The tone control sets the wah frequency. This is an incredible pedal for lead-playing. It spews Zappa's lead tone in spades. It has endless sustain and truckloads of mojo."

"The Systech Overdrive was a refinement of sorts of the Systech Harmonic Energizer. The addition of a volume control allows you to get sounds similar to the Harmonic Energizer at a volume that won't damage your speakers."
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