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High: $46.01 12
Average: $45.50 6.5
Low: $45.00 1


"Very cool ring-mod/octave fuzz pedal and is Ronsound's take on the famous Armstrong green ringer circuit.  The knob kinda controls the type of fuzz/octave effect you get. This pedal is pretty unique and I've gotten some gnarly tones from it. Really varies in effect depending on guitar, pick-ups, amp, etc. -- even the position you're playing on the neck.  You can bend into dissonance and get square waves oscillating.

The Ring-O-Matic is a positive-ground effect, which means it cannot be put on a power supply chain with negative-ground pedals. It will require either it's own power supply or it can be put in a chain with other positive-ground effects (germanium fuzzes, etc). It also runs for a long time on a 9 volt battery. The Ring-O-Matic sells new for $115."

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