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Roland (Effects) > AF-60 (Bee Gee) w/Original Box

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"Two knobs, one switch and the only knob that even matters is the tone. Turned up, it ranges between a DS-1 kind of tone to a thin, piercing squeal. Guitar Player magazine reviewed and hated it, which is terrific, because that'll keep the trendies from grabbing them all up for $300 when they get tired of their tube screamers, and they will get tired of them. What GP didn't realize is that with the tone knob on zero, this pedal seems to invert, giving this pig squealer a warm, pick less tone, reminisent of Fripp's e-bow tone and any Holdsworth riff you can think of. I'll give it 7 out of 10 because it did take a couple of hours to figure out the tone knob."
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