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Roland (Effects) AF-60 (Bee Gee)

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High: $266.67 34
Average: $208.46 14.63
Low: $135.50 1


"Two knobs, one switch and the only knob that even matters is the tone. Turned up, it ranges between a DS-1 kind of tone to a thin, piercing squeal. Guitar Player magazine reviewed and hated it, which is terrific, because that'll keep the trendies from grabbing them all up for $300 when they get tired of their Tube Screamers -- and they will get tired of them."

"What GP didn't realize is that with the tone knob on zero, this pedal seems to invert, giving this pig squealer a warm, pick less tone, reminiscent of Fripp's E-bow [apparently Fripp did not actually use an E-Bow?] tone and any Holdsworth riff you can think of. I'll give it 7 out of 10 because it did take a couple of hours to figure out the tone knob."

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