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MXR (M-143) Limiter

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High: $215.00 60
Average: $108.20 6.52
Low: $49.00 1


From old MXR advertising literature

"That's exactly what we've designed the new MXR Limiter to be -- a compact and rugged "no-nonsense" AC-powered signal processor which, for the first time, gives musicians the same controls found on studio-rackmountable limiters with no compromise in terms of performance."

"With electric guitar, bass or keyboards, the Limiter can add noise-free sustain, punch without pumping and a more focussed attack. Its state-of-the-art circuitry makes possible the level of performance you have come to expect from MXR -- smooth, clean sound without the slightest amount of coloration. The sound of your instrument is enhanced, not covered up."

"The unit is AC only and it is very subtle and sounded a lot better than the Dynacomp that I used to have before I bought it."

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