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Maestro > FZ-1S (Fuzz-Tone) w/Original Box

Maestro FZ-1S (Fuzz-Tone) w/Original Box

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"This sounds over the top with everything. Even at low volume it sounds pretty terrifying -- at high volume it is absolute chaos. The volume knob is just that -- it has a lot of volume to give. The balance knob can assist in control of your "clean" sound to fuzz effect ratio."

"You choose how much fuzz vs. how much clean/amp sound you get. This can sound like two different guitars playing simultaneously. It's a very cool feature. This can really give the fuzz effect some nice definition if you have a bit of clean sound driving the fuzz. The last knob is sustain which is just the intensity of the fuzz effect."

"Maestro produced two versions of the the FZ-1S. One using 2n5088 transistors and the other using BC109C transistors."
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