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Maestro > FZ-1A (Fuzz-Tone)

Maestro FZ-1A (Fuzz-Tone)

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High: $549.95 25
Average: $266.17 10.87
Low: $152.77 1


"Vintage fuzz lovers know that this is the second version of the Maestro Fuzz-Tone, succeeding the original Maestro FZ-1. The FZ-1A runs on a single AA battery (1.5 Volts, in case you didn't know). This one has that so-cheesy-it's-good 60s fuzz sound. It does the Satisfaction thing [which was actually an FZ-1 not the FZ-1A for anyone who cares] to a tee. It's like having an army of angry mosquitoes at your fingertips."
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