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Maestro > FZ-1 (Fuzz-Tone) w/Two Battery Compartment

Maestro FZ-1 (Fuzz-Tone) w/Two Battery Compartment

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Unfortunately not much known about this version. Picture looks to me like a stock configuration. Here is some general information about the famous FZ-1.

"The original Fuzz-Tone, even older than the FZ-1A that is often seen on eBay.  Made in 1962 using a circuit designed by Nashville session engineer Glen Snoddy and Gibson engineer Revis V. Hobbs,  the FZ-1, not the FZ-1A, was used by the Rolling Stones for the intro to (I Can't Ge No) Satisfaction in August of 1965. As these were taken apart to access the battery compartment original hex screws are rare. If you are buying one of these make sure that original hex screws are present as this can affect value."

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