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Maestro > FZ-1 (Fuzz-Tone)

Maestro FZ-1 (Fuzz-Tone)

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High: $1,950.00 4
Average: $998.75 1.75
Low: $430.00 1


"The original Fuzz-Tone, even older than the FZ-1A that is often seen on eBay.  Made in 1962 using a circuit designed by Nashville session engineer Glen Snoddy and Gibson engineer Revis V. Hobbs,  the FZ-1, not the FZ-1A, was used by the Rolling Stones for the intro to (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction in August of 1965."

"As these were taken apart to access the battery compartment -- original hex screws are rare. If you are buying one of these make sure that original hex screws are present as this can effect value."

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