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Maestro > FP-3 (Fuzz Phazzer) w/Original Box

Maestro FP-3 (Fuzz Phazzer) w/Original Box

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My apologies to the original author, I don't have time to edit or rewrite and this information is just too interesting not to post:

"The Maestro FP-3 "Fuzz Phazzer" pedal has one control on either side. The one on the left is volume and the one on the right is labeled balance.  This pedal has an awesome fuzz effect. If you turn up the volume on the pedal it has a very loud, rasp fuzz. The phazzer is manual, operated by the pedal. On a couple of reviews I read of the FP-1, and FP-2 pedals they mention that when the pedal is midway there is an octave effect. I tested the pedal at a friend's house before I read the reviews so didn't know to check for that, so I can't say definitely if that is true for this model. I found reviews for the FP-1 and FP-2, but I can't find any mention of the FP-3 on the internet [pictures and additional info here at DiscoFreqs].

While the earlier models, apparently, had metal bodies and pedals, this one is made of some kind of plastic, or possibly, fiberglass. What ever it is, it shows no signs of being affected by age. There is no cracking or indication of brittleness. After testing this out, I personally wouldn't be too worried about its durability. The only way I know I can identify it is from the box, and because it matches pictures of the FP-1 and FP-2.

   Instructions really aren't needed with this. It's quite simple to operate and control. It is powered by a 9V battery, or there is a jack for an external power supply.

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