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Lovepedal Twin Sixty

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High: $308.00 12
Average: $255.25 7.5
Low: $202.50 3


"This is a simple two channel boost, one knob per boost, two switches (true bypass), and two LEDs. Operates via 9V battery or by adaptor. To my ears, this is one of the best boosters around and there are many rave reviews about this pedal. I think it kills the ZVEX SHO (too bright), Keeley Katana, the Fulltone boost, the Catalinbread SCP, and even the RGW Bad Bob. Very nice tones that react superbly to pick dynamics and volume/tone knob fluctuations. With a good guitar and amp, this is all you really need for classic overdriven tones. You can get quite a lot of gain with the two channels going. Very quiet for a dual boost as well."

May no longer be in production.
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