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Ibanez > SC-10 (Super Stereo Chorus)

Ibanez SC-10 (Super Stereo Chorus)

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Average: $56.99 3.59
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"The SC-10 has three vintage JRC4558D chips. The pedal is the companion to the Vintage TS-10 Tube Screamer in addition to the matching GE-10 Graphic Equalizer, CP-10 Compressor/Sustainer and DDL-10 Delay."

"It has a very warm lush analog chorus with delay. There is more depth and effect than other chorus pedals due to the D-Time (delay time) knob which gives extra delay control. This is one of the few chorus pedals that has two output jacks for true stereo sound. On most pedals the second output is a dry out and they call it stereo. This pedal is far superior to any of the modern day digital so called stereo chorus pedals."

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