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Ibanez > LM-7 (LA Metal)

Ibanez LM-7 (LA Metal)

Sales Trends (20 most recent)

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High: $59.99 11
Average: $37.69 3.33
Low: $15.45 1


"I don't know what this pedal has to do with L.A. or Metal ... It's a  different kind of gnarly. This has the same circuit board as the FC-10 Fat Cat with just a few different components. These two pedals were Ibanez's answer to the ProCo RAT. To me the LM-7 sounds like a SOLO RAT and then some. If you like RATs like I do, the LM-7 is a must have."

"The LM-7 has a very cool metal case."

"These actually cut the lows when first attacking the lower notes."
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